Over the course of The Final Chapter there was a long list of great games for the 15U level. While many players at this level could make a strong argument for inclusion on this list, here are the players that were most deserving of the stock booster honors with their play. 

Tyree Brister – 2026 – PG – MidPro South

Brister has continued to be a dynamic playmaking point guard but has also grown his game to impact in a multitude of ways. He is at his best running the point and facilitating. A skilled passer with good vision that is quick with the ball getting all over the floor. During the tournament he also scored it very effectively and consistently played energetic on ball defense. 

Curtis Britton – 2026 – SG – Michigan Playmakers

One of the more impressive wing guards at the 2026 level with all of his abilities. An impactful player with good length and high offensive skill set but also a well-rounded game. He scores extremely well on the attack playing through contact and finishing at a high rate but also has good range on his shot both off the catch and dribble. 

Devin Cleveland – 2027 – PG – Mac Irvin Fire

While playing up a level, Cleveland was still a standout. He is an incredibly skilled guard that was scoring the ball in bunches. While he moves well with the ball playing on the attack, he excelled with his outside shooting. He has a great looking shot and was hitting them at a high percentage. Following the tournament his received his first offer coming from Western Illinois. 

Aden Jeffries – 2026 – SF – Team Ramey

One of the more intriguing 2026 wings on the association who has continued to show greater abilities on the floor. Jeffries has a good combination of length, size at 6’5”, and athleticism. During the tournament he consistently scored in the double figures as he shoots it well spotting up from the outside and scored it well around the bucket. 

Vaughn Karvala – 2026 – SG – Phenom University

It has been a big few months for Karvala who has developed into one of the top players in Wisconsin’s 2026 class. There are a few players who continue to add more elements to their game tournament after a tournament. During the Final Chapter, he did a bit of everything to help Phenom win the 15U championship. Whether it was knocking down threes, defending multiple positions, rebounding the ball at a high rate, making plays off the dribble, Karvala was getting it done.

Tyler Michalak – 2026 – G – X-Men

It was a big July for Michalak, who put together big back-to-back tournaments between the Summer Jam and now this past week during the Final Chapter. Throughout this tournament, he was scoring up in the double figures. He continued to show he is one of the more skilled 2026 guards on the NY2LA Association, as well as playing with plenty of confidence to his game. While he has a nice-looking jumper from the outside. He also plays very well off the dribble getting into the pain and making plays.

Rocco Pagliocca – 2026 – PG – Illinois Wolves

The play of Pagliocca was a big reason the Wolves went undefeated. He is a high IQ guard that is a good playmaker off the dribble but excelled with his shooting from the outside to have efficient game of 18 and 15 points apart of this deep Wolves team. While one of the better shooters at the 15U level, he is also a very skilled passer with good vision. 

Tylan Spalding – 2027 – PG – Moss Elite

While a skilled scorer, Lewis also creates well for his teammates. He has a good combination of quickness and strong handle to get wherever he wants on the floor with the ball making plenty of plays. As well to being an effective finisher all around the paint on his drives, Spalding also shoots it well off the dribble. The tournament included a 24-point game for him where he hit five threes.