With coaches from Duke, Wisconsin, Michigan State, and plenty of other high major programs, plenty of players brought their top game at the NY2LA Final Chapter. Here is the first part of the top performers from the four days of hoops in Wisconsin. 

Markus Blackwell – 2025 – G – REACH Legends

Over the past two years Blackwell has continued to be one of the top players on the NY2LA Association all while playing up and continued that into this tournament. Game after game he scored the ball well including a couple up in the twenties. A versatile scorer but he did much of it over the four days with his shooting but also did a bit of everything else with a very good well-rounded game. 

Trey Booker – 2024 – PG – Hidden Gems

Booker had one of the top games of the tournament on Thursday going for 29 points. The point guard has a great looking jumper hitting five threes in that one game but also shoots it well off the dribble creating in the mid-range. Even while scoring nearly thirty points, Booker also showed good vision and passing ability. 

Cam Cerese – 2024 – G – Greater Purpose Athletics

Cerese had one of his best tournaments of the season and one of the biggest games of the tournament scoring a remarkable 36 points Friday night. He has such a well-rounded game and can beat defenders in numerous ways with his high skill level. Cerese is a dynamic scorer off the dribble creating for himself getting it done from all three level but is also a skilled passer.  

Tim Franks – 2024 – SG – Chapman Basketball

To finish off the tournament on Sunday, Franks had games of 28 and 26 points. Between the pair of games, the prolific 6’5” shooter, hit eleven threes at a high percentage against top tier competition. He also shot the ball well throughout hitting three or more three pointers multiple other games. For his guard and wing heavy team, he also plays big defending the paint and hitting the glass hard.

Will Hornseth – 2024 – PF – Wisconsin Blizzard

After making his commitment just last week to Northern Iowa, Hornseth was playing some of his best basketball to finish off his superb career on the NY2LA Association. With his high level and efficient scoring ability, the Blizzard were able to make it all the way to the championship game. This included a 22-point performance in the semifinals. He continues to show his very high skill level at 6’8” and excels scoring all around the paint and mid-range, a very smart player inside battling to carve out position to get high percentage looks at the basket. 

Deshaun Jackson – 2024 – G – Moss Elite

There are many different aspects to like from the game of Jackson. He has some size in the backcourt but also a high skill level with good feel. He was stellar Saturday morning going for 20 points but still facilitated the ball very well even while scoring in bunches. With good moves and burst of quickness, Jackson excels playing off screens and getting into the defense creating. One of the top playmaking guards of the tournament. 

Malachi Johnson – 2024 – G – Greater Purpose Athletics

Johnson has continued to improve his game and looked the part of a scholarship level player during this tournament. Whether it was making plays off the dribble, hitting shots from the outside, or creating for others, 6’2” Johnson was doing it all effectively. He is an efficient scorer who was putting up some big point totals throughout the tournament. His tournament included a 27-point game in which he hit six threes. 

Kyle Jorgensen – 2024 – F/C – MN Comets Elite

The 6’9” big man continued at The Final Chapter to be one of the most productive players on the NY2LA Association. On opening day of the tournament, Jorgensen had himself a 23-point game and continued to play well from there with another 20-point game later in the tournament. His ability to shoot the three and score on the block have consistently been there but has looked better this summer driving to the bucket. For low and mid majors in need of a stretch big men, Jorgensen is one to look at. 

Kon Knueppel – 2024 – SG – Phenom University

While Knueppel had several strong games over the tournament, he makes this list for his performances on Friday. Not only did he score 34 points but did so incredibly efficiently. The five-star guard was knocking down all his shots from the outside but also used his skill set and feel to score it from all over doing so well in the mid-post and posting up utilizing his 6’6” size at the guard spot.