All these players did something over the course of the tournament to greatly stand out. 

Tre Kemp – 2024 – PG – Drill Academy

While he did score the ball attacking the basket and play tough pressure defense, Kemp makes this list for his great distributing ability. A quick point guard that is a very skilled passer. Kemp is a quick decision maker that reads the floor well and can throw out pinpoint passes all over the floor. 

Travis Krohman – 2024 – SG – Shining Stars 

Krohman scored the ball effectively and efficiently throughout the tournament with multiple games in double digits. He stands out most with his smooth shooting stroke but can do much more. He has good feel, can handle the ball, and makes plays off the dribble, and is a smart defender. 

TK Lawson – 2024 – G/F – Houston Superstars

Throughout the tournament, Lawson was a standout on both sides of the ball to help his team go undefeated. With his length and great athleticism, the 6’6” wing is a gifted defender that can match up with nearly anyone on the floor. He started the tournament in a big way on Friday scoring 21 points, primarily attacking the basket playing through contact. 

Keyon Miller – 2023 – PG – George Hill All Indy Unsigned

The point guard continues to show he has a lot to offer a college program next season. Miller has a lot of point guard skills playing strong with the ball in his hands. He has good quickness and moves well maneuvering himself into the defense to make plays. In the final minutes of his game on Friday, Miller was taking over hitting shots off the dribble, scoring on the attack, and creating for his teammates.  

Ben Myers – 2024 – PG – Team Loaded 804

Myers is a quick and shifty playmaking point guard with good handle that is very tough to stick with. He has a lot of point guard tools and does a nice job creating for his teammates while getting into the paint often but also finished in traffic effectively.  

Patrick Odingo – 2023 – PG – Recruiting Boost Black

The unsigned senior has great point guard abilities. He is incredibly quick and shifty with the ball in his hands playing on the attack. A real playmaker that not only can score it well from around the paint and knock down outside shots but Odingo is a very skilled passer on the moves reading the defense and quickly being able to zip out passes.