As well to the top performers, there was plenty of players boosting their stock over the three days of the Spring Extravaganza. Here is the first group of the stock boosters. 

Hank Alvey – 2024 – F/C – MidPro Academy

After flashing some upside last year, Alvey has taken the next big step in his game. On the court he looks bigger, stronger, and more confident. On Sunday, the 6’9” big man was overpowering opponents to score 14 points and grab boards at a high rate to help MidPro have an impressive win over a very good Blizzard team. More than just a post player, he moves well for his size and continues to round out his perimeter skills.

Connor Brown – 2024 – CG – Illinois Predators

Brown burst onto the scene this weekend with his performance on Friday with 21 points. He is a 6’3” combo guard with a well-rounded game. The junior is a highly impactful player that is a versatile scorer, moves well with the ball running the point, is a skilled passer, and is a tough active defender. With all his tools, Brown is a player that college coaches will want to see this spring. 

Brady Corso – 2024 – G – Wisconsin Blizzard

Corso simply knows how to play and make winning plays. He has a high skill level and scoring ability, athleticism, and IQ. A good shooter from the outside but Corso is also a good playmaker off the dribble getting into the paint finishing in traffic but also distributed it well. Whether he is running the point or playing off the ball, Corso is making plays. 

Juaquin Dixon – 2024 – G – Team Jabari Parker

Dixon is a long and active 6’2” guard. A highly impactful player on both ends of the floor who is not only a skilled scorer but a good on ball perimeter defender. With his quickness and length, Dixon showed the ability to be a lockdown defender. Offensively, he has good moves attacking getting into the paint but can also spot up for threes. 

Fola Fayemi – 2023 – G/F – Denard Bros.

A breakout performer over the tournament having multiple big games including 21-point performance on Friday. A very impactful player with his high energy, skills, and athleticism. With his energy, he attacks the glass hard grabbing boards in bunches and is also a tough defender who can match up multiple positions effectively. He scored the ball effectively in transition and in the half-court getting all the way to the basket often. 

Jayden Furney – 2024 – PG – All Area Basketball

A skilled point guard with a high IQ. He had an incredibly impressive game on Friday night not only scoring 15 points but also distributing the ball at a high level. He is strong with the ball in his hands and was often getting into the defense. He continuously showed off his vision and decision-making ability reading the floor on when to get all the way to the basket or dish it out. 

Terrell Gaines – 2024 – PG – Yanders Law

Gaines is a quick and crafty point guard that really stood out on Sunday with a 23-point game. He is a dynamic and energetic playmaker that gets into the paint quickly but also has a smooth jumper from the outside off the catch and dribble. Even while Gaines was scoring it at a high level, he continuously was looking to distribute the ball. 

Dejuan Graise – 2024 – G – Greater Purpose Athletics

Between Swish N’ Dish and this weekends Spring Extravaganza I have seen several players from this GPA team step up. This weekend it was Graise having multiple big games. Graise is a bouncy 6’4” guard who plays well with the ball. He can create for himself from the outside quickly rising up to hit shots but is also explosive getting all the way to the bucket. 

Teyachta Harris – 2023 – F – Team Loaded 804

A versatile forward who played at a high level inside on both ends but also has the skills and mobility to play out on the perimeter. He stands at 6’7” in addition to playing with good strength. He has a lot of tools for the next level with the ability to switch defensively out onto the perimeter and offensively to hit shots from the outside and put the ball on the floor.