With all the talent in the building, one part was just not enough. Game after game was just action packed with talent across the gym. Here is the second group of top performers. 

Will Hornseth – 2024 – F – Wisconsin Blizzard

It was an undefeated weekend for the Blizzard and a big reason for this was the play of Hornseth. Throughout his high school career, he has displayed his great skill set from the forward position and this weekend he showed that plus improved strength and toughness with his interior play. Hornseth was scoring it very strongly down on the block doing so right through defenders and is so agile maneuvering around the paint in addition to his all-around game. 

Jason Jakstys – 2024 – F/C – Breakway Basketball

Jakstys has continued to develop into one of the top 2024 big men in the region. He scored the ball very efficiently while playing with his back to the basket with nice moves and touch. Plus, he also hit some shots in the mid-range as well to running the floor hard in transition and showing good hands to catch and finish on the move. As well to being 6’10” with good length, there is so much to like about his game as he continues to rapidly develop. 

Kon Knueppel – 2024 – G – Phenom University 

One of the most complete guards in the entire 2024 class with all his tools and had multiple big games. An incredibly high IQ guard who showcased his great shot making ability all tournament long. Almost as impressive is his smart play with the ball in his hands running the point and facilitating the ball. Knueppel has a tremendous combination of vison and passing to pair with his scoring that make him such a complete player.  

Tyler Mason – 2024 – G – MidPro Academy

A real breakout player who has continued to take great strides in his game over the past several months. He started the tournament with an efficient 18-point performance on the opening night. Mason is a smart guard who is a skilled shot maker from the outside, can distribute the basketball with his good passing ability and vision, and has some bounce. 

Michael McNabb – 2024 – SG – Chapman Basketball Academy

The two guard has continued to continuously improve over the past couple of years. He is a very skilled scorer who got it done effectively all tournament long. McNabb has some size in the backcourt at 6’4” with some strength. He maneuvers well with ball and also uses his strength to get to the basket very often and finish at a high rate all weekend as well to having a smooth jumper from the outside. 

Azavier Robinson – 2025 – G – George Hill All Indy

As he always does on the court, Robinson was playing at an extremely high level. He started the tournament in a big way with a 19-point game but is just as impressive with his defensive play. An extremely aggressive perimeter defender with his quickness and athleticism to get all over opposing guards to be such a playmaker on the defensive end of the floor wreaking havoc on opposing offenses. 

Braylon Roman – 2024 – PG – MidPro Academy

After a breakout season last year with MidPro, Roman picked up right where he left off. He is a 6’4” point guard with a lot of tools to his game. He is strong with the ball in his hands running the point and facilitating the ball but also can score it effectively from all over the floor. He came up clutch on Saturday hitting a game winning driving basket. There is a lot to like about his game with his size, defensive ability, vision, and playmaking. 

Jack Stanton – 2024 – PG – Breakaway Basketball

The game of Stanton continues to grow to new levels. After a stellar junior season, he had a tremendous tournament in helping Breakaway advance all the way to the championship game defeating a loaded group in EG10, Phenom, George Hill Unsigned, and Martin Brothers along the way. Whether it is scoring it at high level and knocking down jumpers or running the point and creating for his teammates, Stanton can really get it done. He is such a high IQ point guard with all the tools and knows how to play. 

Calvin Worsham – 2024 – SF – Denard Bros.

Worsham had some of the top games of the tournament. This included a 27-point, 14 rebound game on Saturday. The 6’7” forward is a physical force on the court can do so much. He can just overpower opponents inside but also has good skills playing out on the perimeter hitting shots and go strong to the basket. Also, Worsham was one of the better rebounders of the tournament.