The talent was out in full force at the 15U level in Indianapolis for the Spring Extravaganza. A great deal of players had big weekends, here are the ones that stood out the most.  

Darius Acuff Jr. – 2025 – PG – The Family

One of a few very talented players on this Family 15U squad. Acuff is a dynamic playmaker that proved to be incredibly difficult to defend off the dribble. Not only was he running the point and creating so well for his teammates but also scoring it at a high level himself. He has great quickness as well as moves to get into the paint in addition to shooting it well from the outside. 

Eli Bennett – 2025 – SF – Indiana Rise

Bennett is a 6’4” wing with a strong build with a good all-around game. The freshman has a great ability to get to the basket as well as score from the mid-range. Not only does he have good moves off the dribble attacking but can also bully his way to the rim with his strength. A tough and energetic defender that can match up with multiple positions well and is a stat stuffer with his passing ability and hard work on the glass rebounding everything near him. 

Seth Cheney – 2025 – PG – Mercury Elite Konchar

Possession after possession, Cheney just continued to produce. An active playmaking point guard that was just playing on another level. A skilled scorer that got it done going to the basket with his quickness and aggressive play but also shot it well from the outside with good range. Every time his team needed a bucket Cheney came through, including an end-to-end drive at the end of regulation to send the game to overtime. A player I look forward to seeing more of this spring. 

Jaxson Davis – 2027 – G – Illinois Central Elite

While he is still more than a year out from reaching high school, that does not stop Davis from playing with them and being one of the top ones. He had one of the top scoring outburst of the tournament with a 30 point game. Davis is an incredibly skilled scorer who also can also distribute it. He plays so well with the ball in his hands on the attack with his wide array of tools. He has great moves off the dribble and reads the floor and knows where to go with the ball. Such an advanced game and IQ for his age. 

Will Garlock – 2025 – PF – Wisconsin Swing

While only a freshman, Garlock was one of the better big men of the entire tournament. At this point, he already has a nice overall skill set with his ability to not only score while positing up but also play facing up to the basket, hit shots from the mid-range and three, and put the ball on the floor. With his skills and size at 6’8” plus good frame, Garlock is a player to see. 

Greg Lawson – 2025 – PG – The Program

Lawson is a talented point guard with all the tools. A very shifty freshman with good handle and quickness to get all over the floor with the ball. A good decision maker with the ball that can create for himself knocking down shots off the dribble as well as creating for his teammates. A tough on ball defender as well that uses his quickness to get all over opposing guards. 

Kelin Mark Jr. – 2025 – PG – Kyle Guy Elite

A long and athletic point guard that had a tremendous performance in his team’s overtime victory Saturday. A versatile guard that makes his impact in so many aspects of the game on both ends of the floor. Mark is a very tough on ball perimeter defender with all his tools. The freshman shoots it at a high rate from the outside but also has good moves off the dribble and reads the floor well to get to the basket and score. An all-around skilled freshman guard to track.

Isaiah Mellock – 2025 – SG – MTXE Premier 

Mellock had one of the top scoring performances at the 15U level in a game of his on Saturday. He is an athletic and playmaking guard that scored it well even with defenders all over him. A versatile scorer that was at his best attacking the basket and finishing well but also has a smooth jumper from the outside. 

Conner Smith – 2025 – PG – Mid Pro Academy

Smith was one of the more skilled guards at the 15U level of the tournament. Not only is he a knockdown shooter but is also a skilled passer. In a single game, Smith knocked down six tree pointers. He can hit them off the catch and dribble, plus even with defenders all over him he was still knocking them down. The freshman also plays well with the ball in his hands attacking the defense to create.