The first division one live period of the spring saw plenty of players helping their recruitment at the NY2LA Spring Extravaganza. While plenty of players from the 17U level have a real claim for this list, here are ten that are the most deserving as stock boosters. 

Tye Banks – 2022 – SG – IL Predators

Another tournament, another big outing by Banks. He has good handle and goes very strong to the basket fighting through contact to get all the way to the basket and finish. The powerful and athletic 6’4” two guard can also shoot it well from the outside to put up big point totals. Such a consistent guard that just always performs well. 

Tyran Cook – 2023 – G – Team Haliburton

The junior guard continued to open eyes with another good tournament. His ability to get to the basket and finish everything stands out the most but Cook also impressed with his perimeter defensive play as well to his passing. While he is a skilled scorer that can do it on all three levels, he was also very unselfish continuously looking to create for his teammates. He has plenty of skills to go along with his physical tools. 

Garwey Dual – 2023 – G – George Hill All Indy

While Dual entered this spring without a division one offer, he is now one of the more popular 2023 prospects in the state of Indiana. He started the tournament with a big showing scoring 19 points in a game. He has great physical tools standing at 6’6” as a guard with great length but also had plenty of ability on both ends of the court. He plays well with the ball in his hands, can knock down jumpers, and is a very tough on ball defender. 

Brayden Fagbemi – 2023 – PG – Illinois Attack

The playmaking point guard had one of the more eye-opening performances of the weekend in a game on Saturday. Fagbemi showed a great ability in everything he did on the floor, distributing, reading the floor, hitting threes of the dribble and catch.  He has good handle and maneuvers the defense so well with the ball in his hands. An under the radar junior point guard to track. 

Malik Hasani – 2023 – G – Indy EBC

Hasani had a strong tournament after a breakout junior season. He is an athletic guard who showed off a good versatile scoring ability. He did the bulk of his scoring attacking the basket but also shot it well spotting up from three. Hasani has good quickness with the ball and moves well off the dribble and glides to the basket. 

Jamie Hodges – 2023 – PG – 94 Feet Elite

One of the better playmakers of the tournament. He is very tough to defend off the dribble with his change of direction and quickness getting anywhere he wants on the floor. Not only did he score it well getting to the basket and pulling up in the mid-range but created well for his teammates. 

Jamar Lampley – 2023 – PG – Cream City Chosen

After a good weekend at the Swish N’ Dish, Lampley took his game up a notch for this tournament. Lampley was very involved on both ends of the floor making his impact. He was very active defensively pressuring the ball playing tough defense. Not only was he getting to the basket well with his quickness and shifty moves, but he was also shooting the ball at a high percentage from three. 

Riley Rindfleisch – 2023 – F/C – 24Up 

The lanky 6’8” big man has only continued to improve many aspects of his game. A versatile player with his height but also good ability to play out on the perimeter and get to the basket. A real mismatch with all he can do and how he moves with the ball. He plays with a great motor and was very active throughout the tournament making plays on both ends of the court. 

Amari Robinson – 2022 – PG – Rocky Mountain Select

A bouncy guard that scoring the ball from all over in numerous ways. An explosive guard that has a good combination of quickness and moves to get to the basket and finish above the rim. More than just a driver, Robinson also shoots the ball very well off the dribble with a nice ability to create separation. The senior also has good vision with the ball. 

MJ Stackhouse – 2024 – PF – Phenom University

While the star guards on this Phenom 2024 squad are the main attraction, Stackhouse is not one to miss and had a tremendous weekend for himself. He is an aggressive 6’7” forward that not only scored it well inside finishing everything strong but also was shooting it well spotting up from three. He plays with a big motor and just continues to contribute and improve his game.