Plenty of players from the 16U level at this year’s Swish N’ Dish boosted their recruitment stock. While dozens could be included on this list, here are some of the players who helped themselves the most with their play throughout the weekend. 

Andrew Graf – 2024 – PG – MTXE Premier 

Last year on the NY2LA Association, Graf stood out with his ability to run the point effectively. While he still does that, he impressed at this year’s Swish N’ Dish also with his ability to score the basketball. In one game, Graf scored 19 points including a game winning buzzer beater three off the dribble. He is strong with the ball in his hands to get into the defense and has greatly improved his shooting ability. 

Tyree Griggs – 2024 – PG – Milwaukee Ballaz

The sophomore point guard opened a lot of eyes this weekend. A dynamic playmaker with the ball in his hands. Great quickness and moves with the ball to get into the paint often. Griggs always has great vision on the move, always looking to create for his teammates. He is a high IQ player that is a good decision maker knowing where to go with the ball. 

Nojus Indrusaitis – 2024 – SG – Meanstreets

One of the more skilled scorers who only continues to improve his all-around game. The lengthy and athletic 6’5” wing guard shoots it a high level from the outside, scores it well in transition, and get to the basket. There is not much on the floor Indrusaitas cannot do and why he is one of the more sought after 2024 players in the Midwest. 

Carson Johnson – 2024 – PG – Martin Brothers

A true floor general with all the tools. Johnson is smart player with the ball in his hands that knows how to run an offense. He continuously played a step ahead of the defense to create well for his teammates using his great passing ability. Johnson also shot it well from the outside hitting multiple threes in a game. 

Sekou Konneh – 2024 – SF – Power 5

Konneh was a key piece of an incredibly talented 16U Power 5 team. He stands at 6’8” with good length, agility, and athleticism. Not only can he score it well in transition and in the paint, but also showed some good ability facing up to the basket. One of the top prospects in Wisconsin’s 2024 class with an incredibly high ceiling. 

Connor May – 2024 – SF – Breakaway Basketball

A long a versatile wing forward that continues to improve each time I see him. In the one game of his I saw of his he scored 18 points, by way of hitting four three pointers. Though, May also can score it effectively going to the basket on drives and cuts, playing with the ball in his hands. An agile player that can matchup with multiple positions defensively. 

Jayden Miles – 2024 – F – Mac Irvin Fire

Miles is a high upside forward with plenty of tools that project to the next level. He is an agile forward who runs the floor and plays with good energy. He was battling down in the paint on both ends to make an impact. He finishes everything strong around the basket but can also knock down some outside jumpers. A true rim protector at 6’8” with his length and aggressiveness. 

Nate Nazos – 2024 – PG – Mercury Elite

A smart playmaking point guard that can do a lot with the ball in his hands. Nazos is a skilled distributor that sees the floor and knows where to go with the ball. He handles the ball well and gets into the defense often to dish it out. The sophomore also shoots the ball well off the dribble and plays with good energy.

Owen Soehl – 2024 – SG – Wisconsin Swing

A talented and tough wing guard who did nearly everything for his team over the course of the tournament. Soehl plays well on the attack getting into the defense but also spotted up and hit the three consistently. He was able to get into the paint often and finish strong there in addition to showing good vision and decision making on the move. He was constantly making plays for his team on both ends. 

Antonio Starks-Fewell – 2024 – PG – Yanders Law

The point guard showed a good ability to score, distribute, and defend. A smart guard that sees the floor well and knows where to go with the ball. He really looks to distribute the ball but also scored it well himself going to the basket, scoring 14 points in his opening game of the tournament. Plus, he really works to defend the ball with his quickness, forcing several turnovers.