For fans of basketball, the Swish N’ Dish did not disappoint. The gym was loaded with high level players all over. This was no different at the 16U level of the tournament. Here are ten players that had tremendous weekends for themselves. 

Tayshawn Bridges – 2024 – G – Power 5

Throughout the tournament, Bridges was simply dominant. With the ball in his hands, the sophomore could not be stopped from getting to the basket. He is explosive, has good moves and strength to beat his man and finish in traffic. More than just a driver, Bridges can also create from the outside and knock down jumpers. He is just a unique talent in so many areas. 

Durral Brooks – 2024 – PG – The Family

A highly talented and aggressive guard that is incredibly difficult to defend off the dribble.  Not only can he beat defenders with his quickness and moves but also power his way to the basket. Brooks scored it very well going to the basket finishing amongst big men but also proved to be one of the more skilled passers at the tournament. 

Cole Certa – 2024 – G – Illinois Wolves

One of the most impressive players of the entire tournament from all levels. Certa put on a remarkable scoring display throughout the tournament including a 40-point performance in a single game. The lengthy 6’5” guard has a pure jumper with deep range and was hitting them at a high percentage off the catch and dribble. More than just a three-point shooter though, Certa was getting it done from all three levels.  

Emersen Davis – 2024 – PG – Team Rose

One of the better distributors amongst the 16U field. He is a very skilled passer that got into the defense often to create for others. He moves well with the ball, has tight handle, and has great acceleration to blow by defenders. In multiple games, Davis was racking up the assists. He can also get it done himself by getting all the way to the basket as well as hitting some threes. A true playmaker that is tough to stick with. 

Eoin Dillon – 2024 – F – Mid Pro Academy

An active 6’8” forward already with good ability. Dillion is a skilled and versatile scorer that got it done well spotting up from three, posting up, and rolling or driving to the bucket. A very tough matchup with all he can do and seeks out his advantages on defenders to score the ball. Dillon plays with plenty of energy and has good feel.  

Morez Johnson – 2024 – F – Meanstreets

A long and agile forward with so many tools. Even at 6’9”, he moves very well and can do a lot on the floor. A standout on the defensive end anchoring the paint but can also guard out on the perimeter. Johnson scored it well around the basket as well as facing up the basket and hitting some mid-range jumpers. The sophomore was also one of the better rebounders of the tournament. 

Kon Knueppel – 2024 – SG – Phenom University 

Over the course of the tournament the star sophomore just continued improve his game and get better each round to help his team to a 16U championship. A skilled scorer that has a great ability to create for himself and knock down jumpers from the mid-range and three. He has a smooth jumper and can knock them down even with quality defenders all over him. Much more than just a shooter, Knueppel is a high IQ player with a good all-around skill level that makes him one of the top sophomores in the region. 

Tyler McKinley – 2024 – F – All Ohio Red

McKinley has so many tools for the next level at 6’8” with his skills, strength, and mobility. He is a physical force that can lock down the paint but also defend out on the perimeter. The sophomore finishes everything around the rim but can also drive to the basket well. There are not many players around with his size that can move and handle the ball like he does. 

Josh Pickett – 2024 – G – Mac Irvin Fire

The guard has size and skill with a nice all-around game. Over the course of multiple games, he showed the ability to impact a game in so many ways. Pickett plays well with the ball in his hands attacking but is also a more than capable perimeter shooter. He has size at 6’5” with some athleticism as well to a good passing ability plus playing with good energy. 

Azavier Robinson – 2025 – G – George Hill All Indy

Robinson continues to show he is one of the top freshmen in Indiana. He is a shifty and explosive guard that scored it extremely well going to the basket all tournament. On drives and cuts, Robinson just could not be stopped. Even while playing up, Robinson can still score the ball at a high level against quality defenders.