Here are players from the 17U division of the NY2LA Swish N’ Dish that either started to make a name for themselves or boosted their stock greatly over the weekend with a high level of play for themselves. 

Ethan Andre – 2023 – PG – M14

A smart guard that showed a good scoring ability in multiple games over the weekend. He is a knockdown shooter who was hitting threes in bunches but can also run the point well. He not only knows how to set up his teammates for good looks but also find his own shots. 

Ryan Cohen – 2023 – SG – Illinois Wolves

One of several talented players on this 17U Wolves roster that can score in bunches. Cohen consistently produces at a high level and put-up points efficiently. He has a great stroke to shoot it well spotting up from three in addition to being able to create for himself in the mid-range. A sure-fire scholarship player that college coaches need to watch. 

Tyran Cook – 2023 – G – Team Haliburton

A skilled guard that plays well on both ends of the floor. Cook is an energetic defender that constantly gets all over the ball without getting beat. He is a guard with good strength and athleticism. Cook was very effective playing off the dribble with his great ability to get to the basket but also showed a good passing ability. A true stat stuffer with points, assists, steals, and rebounds. 

Jack Field – 2023 – F – H.O.W. All-Stars

The lengthy 6’6” forward showed a lot of scoring ability throughout the tournament. He has a great jumper spotting up from three, plays well in the pick and roll or pop, and can get to the basket off the dribble. Field has plenty of upside. 

Jeremy Lorenz – 2023 – F – Phenom University

The 6’8” forwards game has taken great strides as he has continued to add more pieces to it. Over the course of the tournament, Lorenz continuously shot the ball well spotting up from three in addition to being able to attack the basket as well as score strong inside. He is a very versatile defender with his size and agility to defend inside and out. Lorenz has a lot of projectable skills and should continue to grow his offer list. 

Keyon Miller – 2023 – PG – George Hill All Indy

The point guard in incredibly quick and shifty with the basketball. He has a great ability to get into the defense and create. Miller scored the ball well with a good stroke from the outside, pulling up in the mid-range and getting to the basket. Though his biggest contribution came with his distributing as he is a good passer on the move that is a smart decision maker. 

Niklas Polonowski – 2023 – G/F – Breakaway Basketball 

With his pure jumper, Polonowski was one of the top shooters of the tournament. In multiple games he was hitting threes in bunches at a high percentage. He does a nice job of looking for his shot and at 6’7” with his length he can get it off with ease. He is at his best as a spot up shooter but did show some ability to make plays off the dribble getting into the paint with good vision on the move as well to playing with great energy on the defensive end of the floor. 

RJ Taylor – 2023 – PG – Meanstreets

One of the more skilled distributors in the region. The junior out of Michigan has a great ability to read the floor and always be a step ahead of the defense. His vision is just on another level. More than just a passer, Taylor also scored it well himself pulling up in the mid-range. With his strong handle and shifty moves, he can get to his spots and quickly pull up to hit his shots. 

Curtis Williams – 2023 – SF – The Family

Over the course of multiple games, Williams greatly impressed. He scored it effectively over the weekend with his spot up shooting ability from three as well to going hard to the bucket. He stands at 6’6” as well to having a strong build but still moves well. As well, Williams is a tough and energetic defender that can matchup with multiple positions with all his physical tools. 

Jamisen Young – 2023 – PG – World Hoops Elite

The point guard has continued over the last couple of years to dazzle with his quickness, passing, and moves. A skilled playmaker that can be so tough to defend off the dribble. This weekend he also showed an improved scoring game putting up 21 points in a game. His outside jumper is improved and consistently finished it well around the basket.