The first group of players from the Spring Extravaganza that helped them out the most boosting their stock. Expect all of these players to be popular names with college coaches.

Marieon Anderson - 2022 - F - Mid-Pro Academy
Anderson greatly impressed with his scoring in multiple games over the weekend. The 6’5” wing forward shot the ball very well spotting up from three with a very good-looking stroke, in addition to adding baskets getting into the paint and finishing well in traffic plus some jumpers from the mid-range. 

Turrell Cleaves - 2022 - G - George Hill All-Indy 
A guard out of Kentucky that impressed with his scoring ability. Cleaves did a very nice job creating his own shot to score it well off the dribble in the mid-range as well from beyond the perimeter. Pulls up quickly right over defenders and showed off a smooth jumper. 

Noah Daniels - 2022 - G - WI RAP
An athletic 6’5” wing guard that can do a lot well on the floor. He scored the ball very efficiently, mainly by way of knocking down threes spotting up but also added some nice buckets going to the basket on drives and cuts and did a very good job finishing there. Daniels guarded nearly anyone on the floor and also rebounded the ball well. 

Joah Filardo - 2022 - G - WI Swing
Filardo has continued to show that he is one of the better shooters around. A highly skilled spot up shooter from three that has excellent form to be hitting threes in bunches throughout the weekend. 

Kenny Garth - 2022 - G - World Hoops Elite
The lengthy 6’3” guard is a smart player that greatly impressed with his passing ability. A true playmaker with good vision that was always looking to dish it out and utilize is great passing skills. Garth also has good handle and scored it himself going to the basket in addition to hitting a couple of pull-up jumpers. 

Jacob Hall - 2023 - PG - Hoopsync Athletics
A quick and shifty point guard that was always getting into the defense. Hall was able to score it well on his drives finishing it extremely well around the paint for his size. He passed the ball well on the attack and showed a high IQ of always knowing where to go with the ball. 

Owen Hardy - 2022 - F - UTS Elite
A lengthy and mobile big man at 6’8” that plays with a good motor. One of the better rebounders at the tournament that goes hard to the glass and has good hands to grab everything near him in addition to being a skilled shot blocker. He added some baskets inside using his great length to get it done on put backs and dump offs and can really finish. 

Zach Howell - 2022 - G - Yanders Law
Howell is a skilled 6’4” two-guard that is an efficient and versatile scorer. He does a good job attacking the gaps in the defense to get to the basket and finish. As well he is quality shot maker that shoots it well from three. A smart player that really works without the ball to get himself good looks. 

Braden Huff - 2022 - PF - Illinois Wolves
Huff has such an incredible combination of size at 6’10”, great motor, and skills. He scored the ball well inside in addition to getting it done spotting up from three and attacks the basket well for size. As well to being a big that can really pass the ball. Huff came up clutch on Friday night scoring a game winning driving basket in the final seconds to get the Wolves a victory.

Amhad Jarrard - 2022 - G - George Hill All-Indy
Jarrard is a dynamic and skilled scorer with the basketball in his hands. A highly explosive guard that gets to the basket in a hurry and finishes big at the rim. As well, the 6’4” guard scored the ball well from the mid-range with a smooth pull-up jumper.