Another weekend that featured a talented group of players at the 15U level with many of the top programs from around the region. Here are the players that stood out the most over the weekend in Indianapolis. 

Tyrique Brooks - 2024 - PG - Yanders Law
An athletic guard that plays so hard to make a big impact on the floor. He did the bulk of his scoring attacking the basket hard on drives and cuts and proved to be difficult to stop once going downhill. As well to hitting some shots from the outside. Brooks also contributed with a good ability to rebound from the guard position, defended both guards and wings, and more. 

Micah Davis - 2024 - PG - EG10
Davis is a talented playmaking point guard that can score and distribute the ball both extremely well. He has explosive quickness and is very difficult to stay in front of. He was often penetrating the defense and sees the floor great while attacking. Davis is able to get to the basket quickly beating help defenders there to score, as well to having a good jumper from the outside to put up points in bunches.  

Will Hornseth - 2024 - C - Wisconsin Blizzard Nordgaard
Even as a 6’7” freshman, Hornseth has some nice skills to his game. He can score and rebound the ball extremely well, proving that with multiple double-doubles over the course of the tournament. He is a very tough matchup with his size in addition to his ability to score it strong inside plus being able to the put the ball on the floor and attack the basket. Additionally, Hornseth knocked down some shots in the mid-range with a good jumper. 

Anthony Hutter - 2024 - PF/C - North Oakland Wolfpack
A mobile post with some size at 6’6” plus good length. He scored the ball exceptionally well on the block right over defenders with all his physical traits in addition to having some soft touch. Hutter was able to get himself to the free throw line often as he just could not be stopped without fouling. He plays with good energy running the floor as well as fighting hard on the inside for good positioning. 

Carter Jackson - 2024 - G - C2K Elite
An athletic guard that can do a lot on the floor with his versatile skill set and abilities. He scored the ball well off the dribble getting to the basket plus pulling up in the mid-range with a smooth jumper. Jackson goes strong to the paint with good handle to get there often and finish. He gets up quickly to grab rebounds at a high rate in addition to being a tough on-ball defender. 

Max Johnson - 2024 - G - Mac Irvin Fire
A talented guard that plays with great energy. He is a smart player that doesn’t force his shot but knocked them down from three off the catch and dribble with a good-looking jumper. Johnson moves extremely well with the ball in his hands and is tough to stick with to get himself good looks. 

Azavier Robinson - 2025 - G - George Hill All-Indy
An eight-grader playing up a level that is skilled beyond his years and can impact the game in so many ways. He is an athletic playmaker that is very tough to defend off the dribble with his quickness and ability to change directions so well. Robinson racked up the points driving to the basket as well to hitting shots from three, but also proved that he is a highly skilled passer with good court awareness. With his quickness and athleticism, he is also a tough pressure defender. 

MJ Stackhouse - 2024 - PF/C - World Hoops Elite
The 6’5” freshman big man has good strength plus showed off some talented skills. Stackhouse has a good ability to score playing with his back to the basket as well on put backs, but also has a good ability to put the ball on the floor and attack the basket. He is an agile big man that moves well for his size and can handle the ball as well can just overpower smaller defenders to get to the basket. 

Desman Stephens - 2024 - G - North Oakland Wolfpack
An athletic guard who scored the ball at a high level. The freshman was at his best with the ball in his hands attacking but is also a good floor spacer that shot the ball nicely spotting up from three. A nice straight-line driver with good quickness to explode right past defenders and get to the basket in a hurry. Stephens is a good decision maker with the ball and was always making smart plays dishing it out to his teammates when drawing help.   

Bradyn Taylor - 2024 - G/F - WI Swing Bredesen
A good size young wing with some very good skills. Taylor moves exceptionally well with the ball in his hands to beat his man and get into the paint often. He just could not be stopped from getting to the basket and scored well right over defenders inside. When help defenders tried to come over and stop him, he made them pay with some smart passing and set up his teammates for easy buckets.