With all the talent at this year’s Swish N’ Dish, the competition to make the standouts list was extremely competitive. Here are the ten who stood out the most with their performance over the weekend. 

Leon Bond - 2022- G/F - JH1 Elite
A bouncy 6’5” wing that makes a big impact on the floor in a number of ways. He is versatile scorer the showed he can beat defenders in a variety of ways; has good moves attacking the basket, can score on the block, and has a good mid-range game. He is a skilled versatile defender that has all the tools to be an elite defender at next level. Over the weekend he earned himself an offer from Virginia Tech.

Ryan Conwell - 2022 - G - EG10
One of the more impressive guards at the entire tournament. Conwell showed a tremendous ability off the dribble, getting into the paint often and creating for himself and teammates. The 6’3” guard distributed the ball at an extremely high level with his great passing ability on the move. He also scored well on his drives in addition to hitting a few threes.

Jonathan Dunn - 2022 - F - Yanders Law
The bouncy wing forward did a bit of everything for his team this weekend. At 6’7” with his length and mobility he is a good versatile defender. Dunn is a stat stuffer that knows how to plays and scored it especially well going to the basket on cuts and finishes at a high level.

Braden Huff - 2022 - F - Illinois Wolves
Even at 6’10”, Huff has an extremely good skill set. He is a versatile scorer that got it done around the basket, spotting up from three with a good jumper, and attacking the basket off the dribble. With all his tools and size, he is an incredibly tough matchup. 

Kam Craft - 2022 - G - Meanstreets
The 6’6” wing guard is a talented scorer that can get it done from all three levels. He is a skilled shooter that creates his own shot well from beyond the arc and the mid-range. Craft also did a very good job of getting all the way to the basket on his drives and finishing there. The junior has continued to improve his quickness and athletic ability to round out his game. 

Trey Pettigrew - 2022 - PG - Mac Irvin Fire
A highly skilled point guard who can do a number of things at a high level. He is a skilled playmaker that can score and distribute the basketball. He has the ability to explode to the basket and finish strong inside but also knock down shots from well beyond the arc. Pettigrew is a skilled passer on the moves that sees the floor well.

Nick Smith Jr. - 2022 - G - Brad Beal Elite
The 6’4” guard was one of the most impressive players at the entire tournament. He is an explosive guard that moves so well with the ball. Smith has great acceleration to get to the basket in a hurry and finishes very well there. He showed tight handle and dynamic moves with the ball in his hands. Smith also knocked downed jumpers from the outside rising up quickly to score at an extremely high rate.

Amen Thompson - 2022 - G - High Major AZ
Thompson is a guard with great size at 6’7” and a nice all-around skill set. He showed a good ability to impact the game in a number of ways on both ends. He did the bulk of his scoring with a good driving ability and is a great finisher in traffic with his length but also hit some jumpers from the outside. With all his attributes, he is a highly versatile defender that can really guard out on the perimeter. 

Kabryen Tinson - 2022 - PG - George Hill All Indy
Tinson is an athletic and active point guard that is tough to defend off the dribble. He has good quickness in addition to tight handle and great moves to always being on the attack. He moves so well with the ball and got to the basket often and is a good finisher there.

Seth Trimble - 2022 - PG - Phenom University
Trimble just continues to get better and better. The bouncy 6’3” point guard can both score and distribute at a very high level. He is an explosive athlete that gets to the basket in a hurry. Trimble is a legitimate three level scorer that can also knock down jumpers from the mid-range and three. Over the weekend he showed a nice ability to make good decisions on where to go with the ball and didn’t force anything. The junior got himself an offer from Illinois over the weekend.