In addition to our standouts and stock boosters, here are additional players with a great deal of talent that really excelled at this year’s Swish N’ Dish. 

Chris Djurasovic - 2023 - F - Chapman Basketball 
A long and versatile 6’7” forward. He showed off a good ability to play out on the perimeter or in the paint with his back to the basket and scored well from both. In the post, he can score over both shoulders with soft touch but also has the ability to attack the basket and can hit some threes. 

Charlie Farrell - 2023 - PF - M14 Hoops
An intriguing 6’9” big man with good mobility. With his size and length, he showed a nice ability to shut down the paint, but still moves well to defend out on the perimeter and can switch onto guards. He scored some buckets posting up and on dump offs plus spotting up from three. 

Ethan Kizer - 2023 - G/F - Midwest Prospect Academy
Kizer is an intriguing prospect with his perimeter shooting ability, great athleticism, and great motor. He has good length plus great bounce to his game. He is such an active wing that fly's around the court making plays and battles on the defensive end. The sophomore is a skilled shooter that was knocking down threes in bunches. 

Ethan Thomas - 2023 - F/C - Phenom University
A lengthy and mobile big man who plays well in the paint on both ends. Even at 6’9” as a sophomore, Thomas moves extremely well to shut down the interior. His offensive game continues to improve and already shows a good ability to finish around the basket strong. 

Emam Washington - 2023 - PG - Cream City Chosen
Washington proved to be one of the better pressure defenders at the tournament. At times, the sophomore was just taking over games with his full court pressure defensive play. With his quickness, toughness, and great motor, he was constantly all over opposing guards creating havoc for them. He forced countless turnovers and did a nice job of turning them into buckets the other way.