Plenty of players from the 16U level at this year’s Swish N’ Dish boosted their recruitment stock over the weekend. Here are some of them who helped themselves the most with their play. 

Coby Allen - 2023 - G - M14 Hoops
A lengthy 6’3” guard that had a breakout weekend. He showed a good ability to create his own shot off the dribble and knock them down from both the mid-range and three. He has good moves with the basketball to create separation and shoots it a high percentage off the dribble. Allen showed a lot of versatility to his game and contributed in a number of ways for his team. 

Cameron Christie - 2023 - G - Illinois Wolves
The 6’5” wing guard is a smooth scorer that got it done from the mid-range and three. He moves well with the ball and rises up nicely in the mid-range to knock down shots right over defenders in addition to shooting it well from three.

Fazion Farr - 2023 - G - WI Dynasty
Farr is a guard that is always looking to attack the basket. He proved to be very difficult to stop off the dribble with his quickness and good moves to beat defenders often. The sophomore showed a nice ability to finish around the paint among opposing big men while drawing plenty of contact. 

Tristan Ford - 2024 - G - Illinois Elite
Ford is a skilled playmaking guard that performed very well while playing up a level. He showed off great acceleration with the ball in addition to tight handle to get into the paint in a hurry. He has very good passing ability on the move and always seemed to be a step ahead of the defense to set up his teammates. 

Brock Harding - 2023 - PG - Midwest Prospect Academy
Harding is an exceptionally skilled point guard. He has elusive handle and great quickness to maneuver incredibly well around defenders and get wherever he wants on the floor. Though his greatest ability is his passing on the move with tremendous court vision. 

Matt Kirk - 2023 - G - WI Swing Kunde
The 6’3” wing guard scored the ball at a high level going to the basket on drives and cuts. He got into the paint often and finishes strong through contact when he got there to score it at a high rate. Kirk plays with good intensity on the defensive end and proved to be tough to get by as he sticks well with ball handlers. 

Johnny Kinziger - 2023 - PG - Phenom University 
A skilled point guard that plays well with the ball as he has a nice ability to distribute the ball out or score it himself by hitting jumpers. Kinziger shot the ball at a high level off the dribble from the mid-range as well as three. He plays with a good motor and shows great court awareness and vision. 

Dylan Little - 2023 - G - Illinois Jaguars
Little showed a very good ability to get all the way to the basket on his drives and finish. He does a nice job changing direction and speeds to get by defenders extremely often and score. He is always looking to attack the basket with his quickness finding the gaps in the defense.  

AK Rael - 2023 - G/F - Yanders Law
Rael is a 6’4” wing that is a skilled shot maker. He shot the ball exceptionally well off the catch and dribble. He has good moves with the ball to create separation and quickly rise up and knock down shots. The sophomore is a smart player that does not force his shot and also added some baskets driving to the hoop when being overplayed on the perimeter. 

Omarion Roberts - 2023 - G - Midwest Prospect Academy West
The sophomore led the way for his team by both scoring and distributing the ball nicely. He proved to be a good decision maker that always seemed to be making the right play with the ball in his hands. Roberts impressed with his crafty ability to finish around the paint in traffic, but also made plenty of great on point passes.