The 2021 NY2LA Swish N’ Dish once again featured a great schedule with many shoe circuit teams and plenty of other notable programs. Here are the players from the 15U division that stood out the most. 

Note – Listed in alphabetical order

James Brown - 2024 - PF - Mac Irvin Fire
Brown showed why he is one of the top freshman in the entire region. An agile, strong, and aggressive 6’9” big man with plenty of skill that moves so well for his size. He scores the ball at such a high level around the basket either posting up or even attacking off the dribble. A true rim protector that also grabs all rebounds near him. Easy to see why he has offers from Big 10 and Big East schools and expect the offer list to grow rapidly soon. 

Jobe Bryant - 2024 - PG - Brad Beal Elite 
Bryant is a dynamic playmaker that has a great ability to create for his teammates. He moves very well with the ball to get by his man with ease and break down the defense. The freshman has an exceptional ability to distribute the ball on the move with the combination of his vision and passing ability. 

Davee Flowers - 2024 - PG - Illinois Central Elite
The freshman is a quick point guard with good handle that was able to get into the paint often. On the attack, he showed good vision and did a great job creating for his teammates. He was one of the better distributors at the 15U level. Flowers also did a lot for his team as he rebounds well from the guard position, scored on the drive and from beyond the perimeter, and more. 

Tim Franks - 2024 - G - Chapman Basketball Gold
The 6’3” freshman wing guard put on a big scoring display Saturday morning, scoring 18 points in the first half alone. Franks showed off a good all-around offensive skill set. He did the majority of his damage with his jumper as he is a high percentage spot up shooter from three that also does a nice job of creating space off the dribble to hit pull up jumpers in the mid-range. He has a quick release with good form on his shot. 

Nick Janowski - 2024 - G - Phenom University 
The 6’3” freshman has such a good-looking jump shot. Whether it be spotting up from three or off the dribble from the mid-range or three, Janowski hits his shots a hit percentage. He moves well with the ball to create his own shot, but really works without the ball to get open and good looks at the basket. 

Mason Lewis - 2024 - PG - George Hill All Indy
A point guard with good skills that plays at a high level with the ball in his hands. Lewis is extremely quick and shifty with the ball to always be getting into the paint. He does a nice job changing speeds to beat defenders with ease. He handles ball pressure very well and showed a nice ability breaking double teams in full court pressure. Lewis scored well on his drives as well to creating for his teammates. 

Chris Riddle - 2024 - G - Mac Irvin Fire
A long good size wing guard with a nice all-around game that impacts the game in a number of ways. Riddle is a physical guard that is always putting pressure on the defense attacking downhill. He got all the way to basket often and finished well there in addition to passing extremely well on the move. With all his tools, he is a very tough defender that showed the ability to shut down opposing team’s best player. 

Morez Johnson - 2024 - F - Meanstreets
Johnson already shows the ability to be a very good defender. He has all the tools with his size at 6’7”, length, athleticism, and motor. The versatile defender matches up well against both wings and bigs with all of his abilities. He is a very aggressive rebounder that goes hard after all missed shots on both ends. Johnson scored the ball strongly inside and also has the ability to play out on the perimeter. 

MJ Stackhouse - 2024 - PF - World Hoops Elite
Stackhouse has a good ability to impact the game on both ends of the floor. He showed a very good ability to protect the paint, blocking and altering many shots around the basket. On the offensive end, he showed the ability to play on the perimeter or in the paint and scored it effectively from both. The 6’5” forward did the majority of his scoring going to the hoop on drives and cuts and finished well at the basket through contact. 

Jaheem Webber - 2024 - C - Illinois Wolves
A physical 6’8” post with a strong build and some skills. Webber moves well in the post and showed off some nice moves with his back to the basket plus has some soft touch to score well inside. Also, he was a good decision maker passing it out of the post when he drew double and triple teams. Webber is one of the better 2024 big men around.