The 2019 NY2LA Sports Spring Extravaganza rolled into its final day and more quality efforts were the talk of the day.  As the final whistle sounded a number of the names that stood out all weekend wrapped their weekends with strong performances once again.  Here’s a quick look at a handful that stood out on Sunday…

Top Performers 
Baylor Hebb - 2020 - 6’2 - 3D Empire

Baylor Hebb has made it impossible to not make the Top Performers list this weekend. Hebb scored 115 points in 4 games this weekend averaging 28.7 points per game. After coming off a 48 point performance last night he continued to find success scoring the ball by pouring in 27 points in a 70-53 victory over Yanders Law. His game does not have many flaws on offense, he gets to the rim, he handles the ball as good as anyone, he shoots the ball extremely well, and he has great finishing skills. Throughout the game his confidence does not waiver. There is not a shot that he does not think he can make and based off his performance this weekend has shown his ability to score at will. Hebb has been the most consistent as well as the most dominant scorer in the NY2LA Association this weekend and is drawing the attention of many D1 programs. 

Jonathan Zapinski - 2019 - 6’6 - 3D Empire
Although Baylor Hebb is scoring at an unconscious rate, basketball is a team game and he is unable to do everything by himself. This weekend someone who was quietly making noise in the background of Hebb’s unbelievable performances was Jonathan Zapinski. Zapinski is one of those players that does all of the little things right. An aspect of his game that stood out over the course of the weekend was his ability to hit opponents, box them out and go grab rebounds. Along with rebounding the ball Zapinski is very active on defense always trying to block or at the very least alter opponents shot attempts when they attack the rim. Zapinski’s defense and rebounding proved to be very key in helping 3D Empire to a 3-1 record on the weekend. While Zapinski can be noted for being a very good defender and rebounder he can also hold his own on the offensive side of things as well. Zapinski is able to stretch the floor well as well finish inside. On Sunday, Zapinski kick started the 3D offense by knocking down 2 three point baskets and adding 10 total points in a win over Yanders Law. Something that Zapinski does extremely well on offense which does not show up in the box score would be his ability to set screens and free up his teammates. Jonathan Zapinski is a very strong player who has played very this weekend and his hustle along with his effort has been necessary for a very talented 3D Empire team. 

Wendell Green - 2020 - 6’0 - Michigan Playmakers
There were a few players who were on a different level all weekend from their competition and Wendell Green of the Michigan Playmakers was one of them after breakout scoring performances on the first two days of the NY2LA Association. Green continued his strong play on Sunday against the Wisconsin Swing which resulted in a 47 to 44 win. Green is very good with the ball and is able to use his quickness to avoid defenders to attack the rim and finish. In the first three games of the weekend Green was highlighted for his ability to score the ball but on Sunday it was not only his scoring that was impressive but his rebounding was crucial for the Playmakers success. He recorded a double-double by scoring 12 points and 12 rebounds. Green is a fearless player who always gives maximum effort and hustle, he will do whatever it takes for his team to win. 

Caden Boser - 2020 - 6’7 - WI Swing Litscher
The WI Swing Litscher team has been very competitive all weekend and even when things do not go their way you can count on them to play hard. Caden Boser has had a successful weekend and played exceptionally well on Sunday against the Michigan Playmakers. Despite a tough loss in a hard fought game Boser shined as he scored 10 points and pulled down 6 rebounds.  Boser has great size and length which he uses to his advantage inside to score along with grabbing rebounds. Boser is a capable outside shooter and is a threat to score anywhere on the floor. Boser’s size and skill set makes him a very interesting prospect to watch in the NY2LA Association

Darnell Hanson - 2020 - 6’8 - All In Athletics Williams
All In Athletics Williams has been led by Darnell Hanson for the majority of the 4 games they have played this weekend. If Hanson did not lead All In Athletics in points you could count on him for leading the team in rebounds. Hanson is very active on the defensive end and is always a difference maker as he causes deflections and grabs rebounds. Hanson had a solid performance on Sunday against the Wi Rap in which he scored 7 points and added 10 rebounds in limited minutes due to foul trouble. Hanson has incredible upside and as he continues to improve his offensive skills, Hanson could be a top prospect in the NY2LA Association. 

Aidan Flynn - 2020 - 6’5 - WI Rap
The WI Rap came into Sunday with a 3-0 record and expected to turn 3 wins into 4 by the end of the day. The Rap started their game a little slow against All In Athletics Williams. All in jumped the Rap and were up early. However, it did not take the Rap to find its rhythm and begin to build a lead on their opponent. A large reason for the scoring run that the Rap had was because of Aidan Flynn. Flynn exploded in the first half, attack the rim fearlessly and finishing almost every shot he put up. Standing at 6’5 Flynn has great length and is able to use this length to finish around the basket. The WI Rap exited Sunday with a 4-0 Aidan Flynn finished with 14 points and 5 rebounds. 

Sam Schultz - 2020 - 6’8 - H.I.T. Basketball
On Sunday Sam Schultz of H.I.T. Basketball continued his strong play. Schultz is a 6 foot 8 player who has a nice frame, size and strength, which he uses to his advantage and his game revolves around these assets. Schultz is a double-double machine. He is able to use his physical gifts to get position and muscle down rebounds. In the first half of the game on Sunday against MN Comets DLR, Schultz recorded a double-double of 10 points and 10 rebounds. By the end of the game 12 points and 15 rebounds was still not enough for a victory as the Comets defeat H.I.T. 53-47. Even with the loss Schultz’s performance stood out in many ways. He is always active and does many things very well, especially rebounding. 

Jack Weber - 2020 - 6’7 - Illinois Irish Elite
Jack Weber of the Illinois Irish Elite squad is one of the most fundamentally sound players in the entire NY2LA Association. Weber does not do anything to flashy on the court but his excellent style of play is still noticeable. Weber is the tallest player on his team and probably the strongest as well. He seems to know his role on the team and he does it well. Weber is aggressive in his pursuit for rebounds and never is stagnant on either side of the ball. Weber is very strong inside an attacks the rim furiously. He was able to finish through contact and get to the free throw line constantly. Weber found success on Sunday against the Young Legend in a 76 to 57 victory. Weber contributed 21 points and 12 rebounds to lead the Illinois Irish Elite to their third victory of the NY2LA Association.