Day two of the 2018 NY2LA Sports Swish N’ Dish came to a close on Saturday. With teams fighting to stay alive and advance to Sunday, Phenom University continued to impress, led by 2020 point guard Reece Beekman…

Tyler Beard – 2020 – G – Meanstreets

Despite a loss to Phenom University on Saturday, Beard had an impressive offensive display. A prospect that can really hurt teams with his chance of pace and hesitation, Beard was terrific in isolation settings, setting up his defender one way and attacking the other. A long combo guard, Beard is smooth and patient. Even when he plays in traffic, the 6-foot-2 sophomore is never in a rush. Also a defensive presence, Beard was effective as a weak-side shot blocker, aiding teammates who were beaten off the bounce and protecting the rim. 

Reece Beekman - 2020 - PG - Phenom University
Phenom University rolled to an easy win over Team Blaze Select. Beekman put on a clinic defensively. A plus length guard with excellent hands and anticipation, Beekman was extremely disruptive. Beekman got his hands on a ton of passes Saturday morning. The Milwaukee native, who was the 15U MVP at the Fab 48 in July, helped Phenom put on a show, quickly turning defense into offense. A smooth guard, Beekman can probe offensively. He loves to get into the teeth of the defense and make something happen for his teammates. Also a strong perimeter shooter, Beekman can't be left alone on the outside. Beekman continues to thrive around talent and makes his teammates better, but against Meanstreets, he took on more of the load himself. Beekman thrived in high percentage areas, attacking soft spots in the defense. Phenom University struggled early, but it was Beekman who pushed them over the top in the second half to a double-digit win.

Harlond Beverly – 2019 – SG – R.E.A.C.H. Legends
Beverly is the real deal. In a win over Ray Allen Select, Beverly showcase his playmaking ability. Known for his bounce and creative scoring ability, Beverly was more effective as a facilitator. Love the way he probes in the paint and lofts up lobs to his teammates. Defensively, Beverly got after people as well. Beverly didn’t give up anything easy to a very efficient RAS squad that’s tough to beat. Able to heat up in a hurry, Beverly reigned in a couple triples on Saturday. A guard with a quick trigger, Beverly doesn’t need a ton of space to snap off his shot. After blowing up last July, things should continue to trend upward for Beverly this spring. 

Caden Boser – 2020 – F – Wisconsin Swing
Skilled big man with a nice shooting touch, Boser gave the Swing a nice lift Saturday morning. Boser can stretch the floor from 3-point range and is really good in the pick n' pop game, flaring out for open triples. Boser showed some nice skills on the block. The 6-foot-7 sophomore has a solid jump hook that's tough to block with his length. Boser needs to put on some weight, but he did hold his own on the glass in a win over the Illinois Heat and had some tough second chance opportunities. Drawing some Division 1 interest this spring, Boser has a chance to be a real mismatch problem at the next level.

Markeise Irving – 2021 – W/G – Team Rose
Irving just went off in a win over Pack Attack. Irving got hot and never cooled off. Down the stretch, he put the game away with some cold blooded triples that brought the crowd to their feet. A shooter with a nice build, Irving has a great looking stroke. He elevates well over defenders. In transition, he sprints to his spots and gets locked and loaded, always ready to receive the ball and let it fly.  

Mike Saunders – 2020 – PG – G3 Rising Stars
This kid is all about buckets. Saunders was unstoppable in a win over a good Quad City Elite team on Saturday. So quick and explosive on the ball, Saunders blew by defenders and got to the rim at will. What makes Saunders exciting is he doesn’t let off the gas pedal. A fearless guard, Saunders goes balls to the wall to the rim and can finish at top end speed. Also a terrific mid-range shooter, Saunders has some wiggle in the half court and he’ll knock down 12-15 foot jumpers all day long. Saunders is a standout on the defensive end of the floor as well. He gets after people, slides his feet, and causes havoc without fouling. 

Brian Brooks – 2020 – SF – Illinois Heat

Physical, athletic wing that had some big highlights in Saturday’s loss to the Wisconsin Swing. Banks goes about 6-foot-5 and 200 pounds. He had some explosive plays around the basket on both ends of the floor, including a sweeping dunk in transition. Banks’ transition defense was also impressive, recording a few big chase down blocks.

Devon House – 2020 – PF – Quad City Elite
House continues to add to his game after a solid summer. A big body down low, House has some exciting versatility. He’s a consistent shooter from downtown, but is also showing some promise off the bounce. He had a sweet drive to the rim, using a spin move around to get around a defender and adding some English on the ball before he let it go in traffic. A skilled and physical post prospect, House has a chance to be a big mismatch problem in the coming years. 

Michael Koo – 2019 – SG – Full Package White
Koo shot the ball at a high level in a loss to Quad City Elite. Koo set up shop on the perimeter and made himself available for drive and kick opportunities. The 6-foot-1 guard had a nice pump fake, one-dribble jumper when defenders fly out at him. Won’t blow you away athletically, but spaces the floor well and showed the ability to get hot and stay hot on Saturday. 

Chima Nwosu – 2018 – SG – Full Package White
The unsigned senior had some highlight plays in a loss to Quad City Elite. A plus athlete with surprising explosiveness, Nwosu threw down some impressive dunks in transition. Defensively, he also had a few chase down blocks. A creative scorer that can convert difficult attempts in traffic, Nwosu had a lot of success around the rim on Saturday. 

Blake Remme – 2020 – G/F – Gain Elite
Good looking sniper in the 2020 class, Remme has a quick, effortless trigger. Coming off screens, Remme sets his feet quickly and lets it fly. At 6-foot-5, he can rise and fire over the top of the defense. Remme did more than just shoot the basketball, however. He’s got a little but of bounce and was able to finish at the rim in transition or take advantage of defenders flying out at him, put the ball on the deck, and get to the hole. Despite a loss to Kevon Looney Elite, Remme had an encouraging performance. 

Chase Robinson – 2019 – SF – Made Men
Impressive athlete and two-way prospect. Robinson led Made Men with 16 points to knock off the Wisconsin Blizzard. The 6-foot-2 wing is a bully defensively. His hard-nosed, aggressive play on that end forced a lot of turnovers and transition opportunities the other way. Offensively, Robinson took the ball to the rim every chance he got. Putting a ton of pressure on the defense, Robinson often either went coast-to-coast or got to the foul line.

Jack Townsend – 2020 – G – Team Blaze Select
Phenom University may have rolled to an easy win, but they’ll remember facing Townsend. The 6-foot-1 guard absolutely caught fire Saturday morning. It was reigning triples for 30 minutes as Townsend seemingly couldn’t miss. Defenders did a nice job of forcing him further and further away from the arc, but it was to no avail. Townsend’s quick trigger and endless range accounted for nearly all of Team Blaze’s 33 points on Saturday.