Saturday marked the beginning of the playoffs for the NY2LA Final Chapter. Here are some of the day’s standouts from the 17 and 16U divisions.

2017 6’3” SG Cliff DeGroot – Missouri Hustle – DeGroot is a spot up three-point shooter with some positional size. He did a good job using his three-point shooting to spread the floor and was able to connect on multiple triples in the team’s morning game against Wisconsin Shooters.

2017 6’1” G Sam Orf – Missouri Hustle – Orf showed he could imitate the offense on the ball and make open threes off the ball. He helps on the boards and was a solid team defender. While his mid-range game needs to improve, Orf did a nice enough job shooting the three to offset his mid-range misses. 

2017 6’3” G Andrew Lewis – Wisconsin Shooters – Lewis likes to attack the rim in transition and in the half court. Being a guard who likes to get to the paint, he does a nice job as an offensive rebounder and while he didn’t always finish at the rim today, he stayed after misses until he either finished or was fouled. He showed he could bounce back after some tough misses and stay aggressive. Lewis will need to develop his jump shot, both as a perimeter and mid-range shooter.

2017 6’5” SG Courvoisier McCauley – Indy EBC – McCauley He was an absolute scorer against RL9 in the team’s after session. He proved to be a legit slasher who takes contact and finishes consistently at the rim. He can bring the ball up as an extra ball handler to initiate the offense. McCauley did a good job rebounding the basketball. He plays with a ton of offensive aggression and confidence. He’s one to keep an eye on in the Midwest.

2017 6’6” SG Jacob Shields – RL9 – Shields had a nice battle with EBC’s McCauley. Jacob plays with the type of toughness and energy that you want from a two-way player. He attacks in the open floor and in the half court and finishes well. He talked on defense and takes on the challenge in front of him with good lateral quickness and a willingness to get after it.

2017 5’8” PG Justin Brookens – DTA – Brookens put a game-high 22 points in a close win over the Iowa Mavericks. Brookens came out the gate looking aggressive with his shot and scoring off the dribble. He did not let up the entire game showing that he’s quick, a reliable ball handler, and able to get his shot when he’s determined to.

2018 6’ G Jordan Walton – Yanders Law – Yanders squeeked out a close 62-56 win over Team Ramey. Walton put up a game-high 26 points that included his usual long distance bombs and solid finishing ability. When Walton’s shot is on he can put up multiple triples on the scoreboard and have big scoring outbursts like today.

2018 6’7” F Latayvion Glover – REACH Legends – Glover was able to put together some consistent offense today, resulting in 13 points in a close win over a tough Irish Elite squad. Glover’s length and athleticism allows him to rebound and score inside and shoot it in the mid-range area.

2018 6’3” SG Ben Davidson – Grand Rapids Storm – Davidson had another solid scoring output in the team’s convincing win over INDY EBC. When Davidson is both finishing and knocking down his perimeter shot, he has the ability to be a pretty solid scorer from multiple spots on the floor. Additionally, Davidson doesn’t mind contact and can get himself to the line where he can shoot a good percentage.

2018 6’3” SG Zach Lattimer – MBA Select – Lattimer came up big today leading the way for MBA with 22 points in a 66-60 win over Grassroots Hoops. Lattimer has shown a knack for moving without the ball and being able to shoot off the catch or off of screens. He has a good perimeter stroke and reliable mid-range game as well. Lattimer also does a good job of getting out in transition and finishing plays.

2018 6’7” F Matt Barber – Wisconsin Shooters – Barber was able to come up with his best performance this week in bracket play finishing with 17 points in a convincing win over the I-Cann All Stars on Saturday. Barber is a long, thin framed prospect capable of making perimeter shots. Barber is comfortable catching the ball in the post and making a move to the rim off the block. While he’s not a proficient post threat, Barber is willing to mix it up inside and grab offensive boards for put backs. The 6-foot-7 rising junior can also put the ball on the floor and get to the rim.