The 2016 NY2LA Sports Final Chapter tips off on Wednesday from Las Vegas. The inaugural event features some of the top talent from across the country. Looking to leave their mark on the summer, many of the country’s top travel programs will be vying for the coveted title as well.

Here’s a look at the players to watch this week in Las Vegas…


Alex Arians – 2017 – G/F – Wisconsin Swing
One of the fastest rising prospects in the NY2LA Association, Arians had a huge first week of July helping the Wisconsin Swing take the 17U title and also making a deep run in the open division. Don’t be fooled by his frame, Arians has major game and had Division 1 schools chirping about his play. The sharpshooting lefty has really worked on his overall game and can do some fun things off the bounce. Also a hustle player that gets the most out of his ability, Arians holds an offer from South Dakota State and more are coming. 

Tai Bibbs – 2017 – PG – Mercury Elite Thomas
One of the top mid-major prospects in the country, Bibbs has racked up offers during the travel season. A tremendous shooter, especially off ball screens, Bibbs fills it up from all over the floor. Still growing into his 6-foot-3, 170-pound frame, Bibbs has great length for the point guard position and uses that to whip passes through and over the defense. Able to play on and off the ball, Bibbs has only increased his stock since the spring and continues to be highly coveted. 

O’Shae Brissett – 2017 – SF – Las Vegas Prospects
A do-it-all forward Brissett is always hungry every time he steps on the floor. Brissett has a junkyard dog mentality on the interior, but he’s also got plenty of flash. Brissett can slash and has some terrific moves with the basketball. A long, athletic wing, Brissett uses his physical tools on defense as well to play the passing lanes. Brissett also works very hard in transition. The top 100 prospect is a finisher on the break and a player his teammates immediately look to out in the open floor. 

Justin Brookens – 2017 – PG – DTA
Schools need to start giving Brookens a hard look. Having a huge summer, the undersized point guard is torching teams offensively. Brookens has tremendous handles and speed. He can shake just about any defender and when he does, Brookens is often looking for three points. The kid is also a gamer. Brookens plays his best against the best. 

Troy Brown Jr. – 2017 – PG – Las Vegas Prospects
You have to love a 6-foot-6 point guard with few holes in his game. A very gifted player, Brown is a team-first, unselfish leader, but when it’s time to get his, he’ll put on a show. Brown has the ability to score from all three levels and is simply a mismatch nightmare due to his size and ability with the basketball. A consensus top 25 prospect in the class of 2017, Brown can fill a variety of roles as a scorer, facilitator, rebounder, and defender at the next level. 

Keion Epps – 2017 – SF – REACH Legends
An intriguing 6-foot-6 slasher, Epps definitely turned a corner in Session 2 and will look to continue his momentum when the Association returns. A double-double threat every time out, Epps not only puts the ball in the basket, but does the dirty work under the rim and keeps opponents off the glass. Epps is an unselfish star that loves to drive and dish. Capable of putting up bigger scoring numbers, Epps would rather see a teammate succeed that himself. 

Marcus Garrett - 2017 - PG - SwaagHouse Elite
The highly regarded lead guard is a solid blend of athleticism, instinct, size, and potential.  He can attack and finish, he has solid court awareness, and he's a high caliber upside high major impact talent whose best basketball lies ahead.  One to watch in Las Vegas.

Brandon Hau – 2017 – F – Wisconsin Shooters
The IUPUI commit can do some intriguing things on the floor. A 6-foot-7 combo forward with versatility, Hau’s best days are down the road. He’s still primarily a scorer around the rim, but Hau can slash from the high post and occasionally step out and shoot the basketball at this level. When his motor is running, Hau is a different player and can provide a toughness edge in the rebounding department, particularly on the offensive glass. If he develops, IUPUI has a potential mismatch nightmare brewing. 

K.J. Hymes – 2018 – F – Las Vegas Prospects
Hymes has a chance to be a special player in the 2018 class. A 6-foot-9, 200-pound forward with skills on the block and the perimeter, Hymes should tap into his versatility and become a very difficult matchup. Hymes has some great length and exciting skills down low and isn’t limited to just attacking the basket. Hymes can shoot off-balance from mid-range and step out and shoot from the perimeter. It doesn’t appear he’s filled out his body either and yet Hymes is also an exceptional rebounder. This is a player schools should be very excited about and one whose best days are down the road.

Demarius Jacobs – 2017 – PG – All-In Y&R
Jacobs exploded in the first week of July, leading All-In Young and Reckless to the 17U title at the NY2LA Next Level Invitational. A terrific two-way guard, Jacobs is a pest defensively and has been known to make some explosive plays at the rim. Jacobs is one of the best shot blocking guards you’ll find and uses that athleticism in transition to throw down some big dunks. Jacobs currently has a handful of mid-major offers, but his stock is rising fast this month.

Teyvion Kirk – 2017 – G – All-In Y&R
A plus-length 6-foot-3 lead guard, Kirk was one of the breakout performers of the spring as he secured offers from the likes of American, Drake, Chicago State, Duquesne, UC-Davis, Southern Illinois, and Brown and he’s only getting started. Equipped with solid instincts, nice athleticism, an ability to break down opposing guards off the bounce, and the ability to score and create from multiple levels, Kirk continues to trend into the landscape of a high major lead guard and he’s just scratching the surface. Look for him to continue his assent as he continues to deliver high caliber efforts on the hardwood this summer.

Chris Knight – 2017 – PF – Wisconsin Swing
Knight is around double-digit mid-major offers, but is also attracting high major attention. When Knight’s motor is going, he’s a tough player to handle. A long, athletic, 6-foot-6 forward, Knight is a powerful finisher at the rim and terrific shot blocker. He runs the floor as well as any big man in the NY2LA Association and is a highlight waiting to happen when he gets up and down. Still only 16 years old, there’s a big upside on Knight. 

Ryan Krueger – 2017 – SF – Wisconsin Swing
Krueger is a consistent, steady shooter. Holding offers from Milwaukee, Green Bay, South Dakota State, and Lafayette, Krueger torched the nets in the spring. The 6-foot-7 swing man just never seems to have an off night and is also rounding out his game in the post as well. Defenses are unable to faze Krueger’s shot and he’s one of the most consistent shooters in the Midwest. Able to see over the top of the defense and improving his ball handling skills, Krueger would be a nice pick up at the mid-major level. 

Andrew Lewis – 2017 – G – Wisconsin Shooters
Division 1 schools are starting to notice Lewis, who is a fine two-way player. A very aggressive attacker and defender, Lewis will challenge the opposition on both ends of the floor for the full 30 minutes. Lewis can be too aggressive offensively, but it’s hard to blame him sometimes with the difficulty of shots he’s able to covert. The bouncy guard can also knock down shots from the outside and does a lot of damage in the pick n’ roll. Lewis will also usually defend the other team’s best guard and work them up the floor for 90 feet. 

Bryce Meadows – 2018 – PG – I-Can All-Stars
The Arizona product is a good open floor point guard. A pass-first floor general, Meadows loves to draw defenders and kick to open teammates. Make no mistake, Meadows can shoot the rock as well. When defenses sag off to keep him out of the paint, Meadows can pull-up from the three-point line and bury triples. He won’t blow anybody away with speed or explosiveness, but makes sound, fundamental basketball plays and has good enough handles to beat defenders. 

Connor Niego – 2017 – F – Chicago Lockdown
Niego earned his first offer from Green Bay this summer and more have followed suit since. While he might not always put up big numbers, Niego just does everything well and can play so many roles. A 6-foot-8 point forward, Niego can run the offense, be a scorer, shoot the ball, defend, and patrol the paint. Niego has a big upside and value in so many ways at the next level as someone who can play three, maybe four positions. 

P.J. Pipes – 2017 – G – Illinois Stars
Pipes has done a great job this spring of transforming into more of a point guard and his leadership has been key for the Illinois Stars. While he’s shown the ability to run a team, Pipes can also take over a game offensively. He’s very difficult to stop one-on-one and defenders never seem to know what’s coming when the ball is in his hands. This spring, he’s started to draw attention from a number of Division 1 programs, including high major schools as well. 

Jalen Suggs – 2020 – G – Grassroots Hoops
It’s early, but Suggs might be the best incoming freshman in the country. Extremely explosive and skilled for his age, Suggs doesn’t just hold his own at the 17U level, he is a key part of this Grassroots squad. Suggs loves to attack the paint and has unbelievable body control to hang and finish. He can also be a deadly shooter from beyond the arc and also loves to dish the basketball when the defense converges on him. In a couple of years, most will be talking about Suggs as one of the best players in his class. 

Steve Webb – 2017 – PG – Missouri Hustle
Webb is very active on the defensive end, pestering the ball handler, and turns a number of steals into easy buckets. The 6-foot-1, 190-pound point guard is a smooth operator offensively. He’s got a good blend of strength and quickness and is able to create a lot of offense for his team. Webb has good vision and instincts once he gets into the paint. This is a triple threat at the guard spot in terms of scoring, facilitating, and defending. 

Simon Wright – 2017 – SF – Minnesota Comets Elite
The talented sharpshooting wing recently committed to Elon.  He has nice size, solid feel, and excellent stroke, and the ability to put the ball in the basket at each level.  A solid heady wing with upside, Wright is a quality low to mid major prospect that will be in attendance this week.

16U Players to Watch
Bailey Dee – 2018 – PG – Illinois Irish

A fast, explosive guard, Dee keeps defenders guessing with his ability off the bounce. Dee is very strong for his size and attacks the gaps with a vengeance. Dee can also invert himself in the offense and post up guards his size or even bigger than him.

Nickolas Jackson – 2018 – PF – Grand Rapids Storm
Jackson can impact the game in so many ways and the upside here is ridiculous. He’s already quite big at 6-foot-7, but has length that makes you think he’s closer to 6-foot-10. A combo forward that can play and defend three positions effectively, Jackson is also a versatile offensive presence. He can also slash a little bit from the perimeter and when he gets momentum going to the rim, it’s all over. His upside defensively is just as high. Jackson can defend in the paint and chase wings on the perimeter. Laterally, he moves pretty well for his size and is an obvious shot blocking presence. 

Monty Johal – 2018 – SG – Yanders Law
An electrifying scorer, no shot is too big or too difficult for Johal. Holding offers from Jackson State, Toledo, and Milwaukee, Johal will put up huge numbers and do that often. A dynamic playmaker off the bounce, Johal can shake and bake with the best of them. The lefty continues to add to his offensive arsenal and is a very difficult cover 1-on-1. 

Owen King – 2018 – SG – Wisconsin Playmakers
King might not look the part of a big time scorer, but make no mistake, he’s got big time a game. A high volume shooter, King just picked up his first offer from South Dakota State. Able to score off the dribble with unlimited range, King fills it up with hot shooting. An all-around solid playmaker, King commands so much attention when the ball is in his hands, allowing him to easily create for others.

Ryan Kutsor – 2018 – SG – Kessel Heat Black
Kutsor has good size at 6-foot-3 and sees over the top of the defense. He doesn’t appear to be fazed with a hand in his face. Kutsor has shown explosiveness offensively and the capability to catch fire from downtown. This was one of the bigger surprises during the travel season. 

Mitch Listau – 2018 – G – Wisconsin Swing
A leader, scorer, and facilitator, Listau has offers from South Dakota State, Milwaukee, and Green Bay. Listau is a tremendous competitor that gets the job done on both ends of the floor. He knocks down open triples at a high rate and the lefty can finish well at the rim. Listau is also a terrific on-ball defender that’s shut down some of the top players in the Midwest this spring. 

Derek Sabin – 2018 – PF – Wisconsin Shooters
One of the most versatile players in the Midwest, Sabin is a potential mismatch nightmare if he can reach his high ceiling. A skilled 6-foot-7 forward that can handle and shoot the basketball, Sabin is a big matchup problem. An unselfish star that loves to facilitate from the top of the key, Sabin fills a variety of roles for the Wisconsin Shooters. A number of Division 1 prospects are taking a hard look at Sabin this summer. 

Bilam Shabazz – 2018 – F – DTA
Shabazz is flying way under the radar, but showed some real promise in the spring. He’s very raw, but was surprisingly consistent from mid and even three-point range. Shabazz can bring people out of the paint and either attack off the dribble or pull up and shoot off the bounce. A long, 6-foot-6 forward, Shabazz is also an exceptional shot blocker and rim protector.

Jalen Shaw – 2018 – PF – Illinois Stars
A 6-foot-7, 180-pound forward, Shaw has been coming on this summer. A prospect that will grow nicely into his body down the road, Shaw is a strong rebounder and shot blocker on the interior. He’ll occasionally flash some nice moves down in the post, but is making his living as a junkyard dog at this time. This is one to track going forward and it will interesting to see how Shaw develops and fills out into his frame. 

Lacey Watson – 2018 – SG – Quad City Elite
A talented guard who can score and create, Watson has size, length, athleticism, and skill that he pairs with instincts and feel to form a solid prospect on the rise.  His size gives opposing guards problems and his ability to contribute across the board makes him a force every time he takes the floor. Watson earned an offer from Toledo over the summer and a handful of other Division 1 programs appear very interested. 

Zion Young – 2018 – SG – SYF Players
Young can flat out light up the scoreboard. Young can fill it up from mid and three-point range. The 6-foot-3 sophomore made buckets from all over the floor. He can catch and shoot and also pull-up off the bounce and hit contested and/or off-balance shots. Young has been pretty much unstoppable throughout the Association when the ball was in his hands.