The annual NY2LA Sports Swish ‘N Dish Spring Warm-Up has become synonymous with elite travel basketball and for the past 11 years it has become the measuring stick to tip off the spring travel season for all ages.  Long regarded as a must attend event for elite shoe company teams of all brands, high level independent programs, respected national recruiting publications, and future collegiate All-Americans and NBA Draft picks, the Swish ‘N Dish tournament is set to once again electrify the basketball courts in Wisconsin with its 2016 installment.  Set to play host to programs from New York, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, etc. the 2016 Swish ‘N Dish tournament will once again offer up some of the premiere talent in the country at all ages.  Here’s a look at those programs scheduled to attend this year’s event…



Wisconsin Playground Warriors, Mac Irvin Fire EYBL, All Ohio Red EYBL, Louisville Magic, Playground Elite Wilson, King James EYBL, All In Athletics/Y&R, Iowa Barnstormers, Wisconsin Swing Litscher, Meanstreets EYBL, Yanders Law, Martin Brothers, Wisconsin Shooters, Jets/Ramey United, Illinois Celtics/Hoopers, SYF Players, Illinois Stars IBA, Grassroots Hoops, Illinois Irish Elite, DTA Devin Harris Superstars, Chicago Lockdown, Young Legends/TP Elite, Kessel Heat Black, Quad City Elite, RAS Milwaukee, Full Package Dmitry, All Ohio Black, SW Illinois Jets, King James OV, Asphalt Green, NESYB Elite, Wisconsin RAP, Playground Elite Green, One Vision, Powerhouse Hoops MN Black, All In Athletics/Future Elite, Wisconsin Swish, Wisconsin Dynasty, Hoop Avenues Elite, Wisconsin Crusaders, All Ohio White, Hoopers, Full Package Walker, Wisconsin Swing Bredesen, Illinois Irish Select, Illinois Icemen, Chicago Raptors, Kessel Heat Platinum

Jets/Ramey United, Iowa Barnstormers, Wisconsin Playground Warriors, Meanstreets, Mac Irvin Fire, Wisconsin Swing Litscher, Louisville Magic, Martin Brothers, All Ohio Red, SYF Players, Wisconsin United, Illinois Irish Elite, Playground Elite, Yanders Law, All In Athletics/Y&R, Wisconsin Shooters, Wisconsin Blizzard Pronschinske, Milwaukee Rebels, Illinois Stars, George Hill Rising Stars, Quad City Elite, Team Manimal, Young Legends, Kessel Heat Black, All Ohio Black, SW Illinois Jets, Butler Elite, ET21 Buckeyes, Hoopers Red, Wisconsin Crusaders, DTA Devin Harris Superstars, Hoops 4 Health, A2P, Wisconsin Swish, Milwaukee Spartans, Hoop Avenues Elite, Team Ramey, Full Package Dmitry, Powerhouse Hoops MN Black, Illinois Celtics, 920 Elite, Kessel Heat Red, Wisconsin Blizzard Hawley, Illinois Wolverines, Brew City Hustle, Kessel Heat Orange, Flight Basketball, Illinois Running Rebels, Full Package Sam, Chicago Raptors, Powerhouse Hoops MN Red, Illinois Irish Select, Windy City Magic, Illinois Icemen, Hoopers Blue, Illinois Fastbreak

Mac Irvin Fire, Butler Elite, All Ohio Red, Playground Elite, Louisville Magic, RAS Milwaukee, Martin Brothers, Meanstreets, Net Gain Sports, Illinois Irish Elite, St. Louis Eagles, Chicago Lockdown, Iowa Barnstormers, Wisconsin Shooters, Yanders Law, Quad City Elite, Jets/Ramey United, Hoop Avenue Elite Get Buckets, Grassroots Team Sizzle, Illinois Speed Blue, Kessel Heat Black, MKE Elite, Milwaukee Spartans, Illinois Raptors, Hoopers, Warhawks, ET21 Buckeyes, Illinois Blugolds, All Ohio Black, Arsenal Hoops, Milwaukee Rebels, Illinois Icemen, Wisconsin United, Wisconsin Swing Bredesen, Wisconsin Playground Warriors, RAW Athletics, Full Package Montay, Wisconsin Crusaders, Hoop Avenues Elite, Illinois Irish Select, All In Athletics/Future Elite, High IQ Supreme, Wisconsin Swish, Illinois Intruders, SW Illinois Jets, Powerhouse Hoops MN, Wisconsin RAP, RAS Milwaukee Select

Butler Elite, Louisville Magic, Mac Irvin Fire, Iowa Barnstormers Gold, All Ohio Red, Team Sizzle, Team Ramey Love, Chicago Lockdown, Meanstreets Curtis, Wisconsin United, St. Louis Eagles, Milwaukee Spartans, George Hill Rising Stars, Team 1 Tyus, Net Gain Sports, Illinois Irish Elite, Martin Brothers, ET21 Buckeyes, Hoop Avenues Elite, MN Falcons, Quad City Elite, Future Elite, Indiana SYF, Kessel Heat Black, All Ohio Black, Region United, Iowa Barnstormers Black, Windy City Trendsetters, Powerhouse Hoops MN, Full Package, Arsenal Hoops, Wolverines, Team Ramey Nettles, IL Speed White, Meanstreets Gill, Skills First, IL Speed Blue, Hammond Hurricanes, NCI Fury, Warhawks

All In Athletics, All Ohio Purple, Quad City Elite, Mac Irvin Fire, Martin Brothers, Butler Elite, All Ohio Red, Team Ramey, Future Elite, Meanstreets Allison, Milwaukee Spartans, Iowa Barnstormers Black, St. Louis Eagles, Playground Elite Fletcher, Gametime, Team 1 Tyus, Iowa Barnstormers Gold, Meanstreets Bates, Kessel Heat Black, DTA Devin Harris Superstars, Illinois Irish Elite, Kingdom Hoops Elite, Hoop Avenues Elite, Young Legends

All Ohio Red, Wisconsin Playground Warriors, Illinois Irish Elite, Illinois Speed Blue, Iowa Barnstormers, RAS Milwaukee, Wisconsin United, Hoop Avenues Elite, Wolfpack, Team 1 Tyus, Meanstreets, Wisconsin Shooters, Net Gain Sports, Kingdom Hoops Elite, Wisconsin Blizzard Tomashek, Wisconsin Playmakers, MN Spartans Elite, Illinois Speed White

Wisconsin United, Illinois Irish Elite, Team Ramey, Illinois Attack, Team 1 Tyus, Illinois Speed Blue, Meanstreets, Brew City Hustle, Iowa Barnstormers, Future Elite, Hoop Avenues Elite, MN Spartans Elite, Kingdom Hoops Elite, Kessel Heat Black, Milwaukee Running Rebels, Roc Solid

Butler Elite, MN Spartans Elite, Roc Solid, Kingdom Hoops Elite, Wisconsin United, Merrillville Warriors Black, Meanstreets, WI Blizzard Norgaard, Team Getshook, Milwaukee Rebels, NESYB, Kingdom Hoops Elite

Kingdom Hoops Elite, IL Central Elite, Mac Irvin Fire, Butler Elite, MN Spartans Elite, Mac Irvin Fire Orange, IL Speed Blue, Roc Solid

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