With the M.V.P.'s announced this past week for all of the divisions, today we release the 2009 Swish & Dish All Tournament Teams.  Also worth noting is that all players making the All Tournament team for the 11U-14U (i.e. rising 6th-9th graders) divisions are also welcome to attend this year's Generation Next All-Star Camp June 12-14, 2009 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

17U - Champions - All Ohio Red
Co M.V.P.'s - Adreian Payne & Aaron Craft
17U All Tournament Team - Adreian Payne (All Ohio Red), Aaron Craft (All Ohio Red), Jordan Sibert (All Ohio Red),  Juwan State (All Ohio Red), Rayvonte Rice (Rising Stars Gold), Alex Rossi (Rising Stars Gold), Lenzelle Smith (Rising Stars Gold), Jordan Treelof (Rising Stars Gold), Marquis Mason (Wisconsin Swing - Selk), Chip Rank (Wisconsin Swing - Selk), Kyle Kelm (Wisconsin Swing - Selk), Zach McCabe (All Iowa Attack Red), Trayvonn Wright (All Iowa Attack Red), Donivine Stewart (All Iowa Attack Red), Dominique Ferguson (SYF Players), Xavier Jones (SYF Players), Trevor Haas (Wisconsin Blizzard), Myers Leonard (Ramey Basketball), Jordan Mach (Wisconsin Blizzard), Jereme Richmond (Mac Irvin Fire), Reggie Smith (Mac Irvin Fire), Terry Taylor (Playground Elite), Flavien Davis (Wisconsin Scholars), Andy Fox (Wisconsin Swing - Shaw), Julian Johnson (St. Louis Eagles), Karl Madison (St. Louis Eagles), Calvin Godfrey (DTA Devin Harris Superstars), Ryan Jackson (Team NLP), Will Pelkofer (Friends of Hoop), Barett Powell (Friends of Hoop), Mario Donaldson (Wisconsin Force), Stephan Thompson (Baylor)

16U - Champions - Milwaukee Spartans
M.V.P. - Quevyn Winters - Milwaukee Spartans
16U All Tournament Team - Quevyn Winters (Milwaukee Spartans), Chad Mathwig (Milwaukee Spartans), Desmond Gosa (Milwaukee Spartans), Brandon Dawson (SYF Players), Jeremiah Jones (SYF Players), Dante Brown (SYF Players), Kevin Mays (Playground Elite), Darell Longstreet (Playground Elite), Jamie Schneck (Playground Elite), Macari Brooks (Mac Irvin Fire), Jamie Crockett (Mac Irvin Fire), Jay Parker (Mac Irvin Fire), Matt Palucki (Illinois Old School), Brian Greene (Illinois Old School), Garrett Jones (Rising Stars Gold), Peter Szostak (Rising Gold), Jasom Mecham (Ramey Basketball), Max Belfeldt (Peoria Irish Hoops), Hayden Hoerdemann (Peoria Irish Hoops), Elgin Cook (DTA Devin Harris Superstars), Darnell Harris (DTA Devin Harris Superstars), Mitchell Farr (DTA Devin Harris Superstars), Andrew Jordan (Peoria Carver), Josh Fenoglia (River Valley Wildcats), Tevin Harris (Full Package-Pavell), Nick Ziesloft (Full Package-Pavell)

15U - Champions - St. Louis Eagles
M.V.P. - Antonio Hopkins - St. Louis Eagles
15U All Tournament Team - Antonio Hopkins (St. Louis Eagles), Willy Wiley (St. Louis Eagles), Cory Arentsen (St. Louis Eagles), Armon Darboh (All Iowa Attack), Cole Myers (All Iowa Attack), Mike Carney (All Iowa Attack), Taylor Olson (Iowa Barnstormers), Anthony Shaw (Iowa Barnstormers), Griffin Gaeta (Iowa Barnstormers), Reggie Johnson (Illinois Old School), Avery Harmon (Illinois Old School), Phillip Nolan (Milwaukee Spartans), Jhiante Ellis (Milwaukee Spartans), Fred Van Vleet (Prymetime), Mark Foote (Prymetime), Otis Pirtle (Playground Elite), Anthony Hatfield (Playground Elite), Connor Boehm (Rising Stars Gold), Akeem Springs (Rising Stars Gold), R.J. Hunter (SYF), Ed Seay (SYF), Glenn Robinson Jr. (SYF), Jabari Parker (Mac Irvin Fire)

14U - Champions - All Iowa Attack Red
M.V.P. - Peter Jok - All Iowa Attack Red
14U All Tournament Team - Peter Jok (All Iowa Attack Red), Ted Friedman (All Iowa Attack Red), Bryan Sumner (All Iowa Attack Red), Morris Dunnigan (Illinois T-Wolves), Dionti Henry (Illinois T-Wolves), Lejon Wise (Illinois T-Wolves), Austin Malone (Milwaukee Basketball Club), Montrell Hobbs (Milwaukee Basketball Club), Levon Hamilton (SYF), Myron Borders (SYF), Jamaar McKay (Milwaukee Spartans), Nick Allen (Milwaukee Spartans), Keenan Hobson (Check Game), Grant Rundin (Check Game), Lawrence Briggs (Mac Irvin Fire), Marcus Smith (Mac Irvin Fire), Josh Weeber (Iowa Barnstormers), Jared Jones (Iowa Barnstormers)

13U - Champions - Meanstreets
M.V.P. - Man Wilson - Meanstreets
13U All Tournament Team - Man Wilson (Meanstreets), D'Mario Smith (Meanstreets), Tyler Wideman (Meanstreets), Jerelle Deberry (DTA Running Rebels), David Burrell (DTA Running Rebels), Brandon Key (DTA Running Rebels), Riley LaChance (Ray Allen Select), Reed Timmer (Ray Allen Select), Doug Fabry (Wisconsin Blizzard), Luke Van Lannen (Wisconsin Blizzard), Paul Turner (IBA Select 2014), Joe Pupillo (IBA Select 2014), Cory Stewart (Team Ohio), Marquis Kimbrough (Team Ohio), Tyus Mason (All Iowa Attack), Reed Tellinghuisen (All Iowa Attack), Jonathan Carson (Playground Elite)

12U - Champions - Milwaukee Spartans
Co M.V.P.'s - Karim Cole & Nick Coleman - Milwaukee Spartans
12U All Tournament Team - Karim Cole (Milwaukee Spartans), Nick Coleman (Milwaukee Spartans), Dominick Thompson (Milwaukee Spartans), Darion King (Playground Elite), Malik Brown (Playground Elite), Jamal Woods (Playground Elite), Malik Merriman (Randolph Boys Club), Nick Noskowiak (Randolph Boys Club), Joseph Binyoti (DTA Running Rebels), James Batemon (DTA Running Rebels), Brevin Pritzl (Lakeshore Lakers), David Provenzano (River City), Grant Graham (All Iowa Attack), Carter Burns (All Iowa Attack), Cameron Lott (Team Ohio Panthers)

11U - Champions - Playground Elite
M.V.P. - Jake Popp - Playground Elite
11U All Tournament Team - Jake Popp (Playground Elite), Bobby Hambright (Playground Elite), Zeke Gueths (Playground Elite), Juwan McCloud (Milwaukee Spartans), Terry Jones (Milwaukee Spartans), Sebastian Baugh (All Iowa Attack), Mitch MacFarlane (Fox Valley Hurricanes), Ryan Clarey (Wisconsin Nets), Kyle Witthuhn (Wisconsin Blizzard), Nick Ward (Team Ohio Panthers), Marquevious Wilson (Team Ohio Panthers)

10U - Champions - Wisconsin Playground Warriors
M.V.P. - Virshon Cotton - Wisconsin Playground Warriors
10U All Tournament Team - Virshon Cotton (Wisconsin Playground Warriors), Jordan McCabe (Wisconsin Playground Warriors), George Dixon (Wisconsin Playground Warriors), Colby Molinsky (All Iowa Attack Red), Cade McKnight (All Iowa Attack Red), Quentin Curry (All Iowa Attack Black), Octavious Parker (Playground Elite)

9U - Champions - RameyBasketball.com
Co M.V.P.'s - Courtney Ramey & Mario Rowland
9U All Tournament Team - Courtney Ramey (Ramey Basketball), Mario Rowland (Ramey Basketball), Kellon Handy (Ramey Basketball), Jevan Mason (All Iowa Attack), Tarik Brown (All Iowa Attack), Rashon Ivory (All Iowa Attack), Hunter Plamann (Wisconsin Blizzard), Owen Thuene (Team X)